Osku Palermaa Joins Columbia 300 Pro Staff, Will Be European Sales Manager

Columbia 300 is proud to announce Osku Palermaa has joined its pro staff. He will also act as the European Sales Manager for Ebonite International.

Palermaa, a two-handed righty, has four standard Professional Bowlers Association titles to his credit, as well as a PBA major (the 2011-12 PBA World Championship).

Rob Gotchall, manager players and performance for EBI said the addition of Palermaa to Columbia 300’s staff further solidifies the brand’s commitment to ‘Bowling The World Over’.

“We are honored to have Osku representing the brands of Ebonite International on and off the lanes,” Gotchall said. “He’s a world class competitor and person whom we feel is going to add tremendous value in everything he does.”

“We are very excited to begin working with him and want to get him back in the PBA’s winner circle as quickly as possible,” Gotchall said.

Palermaa said he is excited to get to work on the lanes representing Columbia 300.

“Columbia 300 is a well-known and greatly respected brand with a lot of history and success,” Palermaa said. “I am truly honored to join the team on the quest to make the brand even bigger.”

Rich Hanson, international sales manager for EBI said Palermaa, when not representing Columbia 300 on the lanes, will be helping to grow EBI’s sales and brand awareness throughout Europe.

“We felt adding a European sales manager that focuses solely on this territory is what we needed to continue to expand this market,” Hanson said. “Choosing Osku for this positon not only gives us someone with years of highly competitive experience on the lanes, but also someone who grew up in this territory and will be able to interact with the bowling community daily.”

Palermaa said his experiences as a bowler and world-traveler put him in a unique position to be successful as a sales manager.

“I’ve been a professional bowler for nearly half of my life and on this journey, I’ve been fortunate to travel around the world and especially Europe,” Palermaa said. “I’ve learned a lot about the different cultures.”

“The goal is to allow the EBI brands to flourish and succeed in Europe the way they deserve,” he said.

Palermaa was born in Espoo, Finland and currently resides Gothenburg, Sweden.

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