Columbia 300's Authority commands some attention. The Authority is an eye-catching shiny pearl ball featuring an updated version of the ERT cover made popular on the recent Baller release with additives that help produce more down-lane response. The Authority utilizes a brand-new asymmetric core shape that enables the Authority to change directions harder when it encounters friction.


Performance Pro - Authority
Part Number 60-106260-93X
Black / Lime / Silver
Core Authority
Coverstock ERT 2.0 Pearl
Cover Type Pearl Reactive
Finish 500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
Weights 12-16 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium to heavy oil
Reaction Strong backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date March 19, 2020

Core Numbers

16 lb
15 lb
14 lb
13 lb
12 lb
2.513 2.503 2.520 2.597 2.593
DIFF 0.043 0.050 0.050 0.041 0.041
ASY 0.017 0.020 0.020 0.014 0.014



DOT (Durability Optimization Technology)


Info Sheet

Ball Talker

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Authority Bowling Ball
Authority Bowling Ball Core for 16-14 pound balls
Authority Bowling Ball Core for 13-12 pound balls

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
ERT 2.0 Pearl = more skid.

Is a reason the ERT 2.0 pearl cover was not used again -- too much length? The Authority Pearl is almost identical to my Web MB (Semtex pearl cover) in length; however, when putting a 2000-3000 surface on both balls, they both end the skid phase slightly sooner, with the Authority keeping its angularity, while Web MB is more arcing. Comparing to my DV8 Intimidator Pearl (Inciter cover); the Intimidator (at box finish) would be in-between the Authority & Web MB at their 3000 surfaces. Both the Authority & Web MB quickly lose the 3000 surface after a game & really shine up, then the problem of too much length shows itself. The Intimidator seems to maintain its reaction after many games, only needing normal, routine cleaning. Stroker style of play. My favorite C300 balls were the Swerve FX & the Saber Pearl. I could see the ERT 2.0 cover being used for shorter oil patterns.

Don Carle
Love it!

Drilled mine pin down. For me gets into earlier roll with strong finish. I used this ball during 2nd round but with adding a little surface I could have started with it. Get one friends!!

Columbia 300 staff member.

Ryan Coler
Awesome Ball

Just bought this ball about a month ago for league year. It is amazing. Has so much back end hook. My average last year was 174 but expect it to be around 190 now with this ball. Colors are badass too.

Nicholas Mittenzwey
Great Piece to Own

Must own. This ball is very clean, and controlled. Very goo at clearing the fronts , and being predicable down lane when it sees the dry. You will not be disappointed if you put this in ur bag! Along with the colors are pretty sweet as well, which is always a bonus!

Craig Miller
Great ball, good looking too!

The Authority is a asymmetrical, pearl with a 500/1000 factory compound finish.
Out of the box, I found the Authority to be too clean, too long on the fresh. I then took a pad and broke the shine off of it. It was a totally different ball. Still clean up front, but picked up much sooner and continuous.

The Authority has great eye appeal, too!