Columbia 300 is bringing back the Beast line with some great new colors. All Beasts will feature a brand new light bulb shaped weight block, just like the original. This Beast core also comes wrapped with our patent-pending Hypershock Technology. 


Color Blue/Black/White
Reaction Skid/Flip
Coverstock Bend-It
Factory Finish 500/2000 Abralon Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Core Beast
Core Type Symmetric
Weight 10-16lb


Beast Blue Black White Bowling Ball
Beast Blue Black White Bowling Ball Core

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
George Everett
It's a great ball

Now I have a beast in my bag I have a great aresnal now most of my Arsenal is Columbia 300 and hammer

Logan H
Best In League

This is a really good ball. I now have over 130 average and I'm only 12! This ball has been the best bowling ball I've had in a long time. And the color blue is my favorite color so that's another reason why I love this ball.

Matt Maloney
The Beast is back! New colors, classic logo, shredding racks

The Beast is most definitely back!! Like the original, the ball rolls clean through the front half of the lane, and then picks up into a skid/flip yet consistent, continuous angular motion at the breakpoint thanks to the updated Bend It light bulb core and drives hard through the pins with the patent pending Hypershock Technology coverstock. This is the first time this coverstock has been put into a low-mid performance bowling ball as it was originally used in high performance balls such as the Swerve line and and Tyrants. Other nice touches done to the new Beast line are the variety of bright colors to choose from, including the classic purple sparkle, as well as the original Columbia 300 logo.
I put my favorite pin over ring with CG kicked out slightly on my Beast and it not only exceeded my expectations in overall performance, but I was also surprised by how versatile this ball was while throwing on a fresh THS. The one thing this ball did not do for me was overreact when it responded to friction, which is going to be crucial towards the end of the day when the lanes are burning up and also on shorter oil patterns.

Isom Hawes

Love this ball for when the lanes break down and I have to move my angles inside or for when lanes start out hooking in the beginning of a set. This coverstock has a way of giving you just the right amount of skid paired with a continuous (but not sharp) backend reaction. It gives me predictability without sacrificing hit. LOVE IT!

Michael Romero
The Beast is Back!

The Beast is a great ball to have when all else fails! Depending on the lane condition, you can certainly go back to basics with this type of ball and play an up and in shot due to the Skid-Flip reaction and Bend-It coverstock! This is a great ball to have in your arsenal for a THS! The reaction for this ball is really continiuous and will not overreact when it responds to friction (dry part of the lane).