Atlas is the newest addition to the Columbia 300 line of big hooking performance balls. The Atlas starts with a new core design that has a higher RG, Differential, and Intermediate Differential than the Speed core. The Atlas core is designed to help the Formula 1 solid cover perform on heavier oil conditions, produce an exceptional backend and drive through the pins. The new Atlas is finished at 500, 2000 Siaair to provide traction on medium to heavy oil.


Series Pro - Atlas
Part Number 60-106977-93X
Purple / Teal / Navy
Core Atlas
Coverstock Formula 1 Solid
Cover Type Solid Reactive
Finish 500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights 16-12 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium to heavy oil
Reaction Strong mid-lane and backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date July 13, 2023

Core Numbers

16 lb
15 lb
14 lb
13 lb
12 lb
DIFF 0.047
ASY 0.016 0.018 0.018 0.014 0.014




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Atlas Bowling Ball
Atlas core for 16-14 lb bowling balls
Atlas core for 13-12 lb bowling balls

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sagirah Sue
My Go To!

I know this is not one of the newest releases, but the Columbia300 Atlas is one of my go-to balls. No matter the surface on the Atlas (I have had box, 3000, and 1000) it continues to read (fresh or transition) and finish to the pocket. The ball starts up early and finds its way to the pocket. When it starts reading too early through the transition, it allows me to move left without losing the carry in the pocket. Definitely a 1-2 punch for me!

Chris Walden

Sleeper ball 100%. Put my standard 60x4x20 drill on it. Out of box it was too strong and early. Decided to let it get lane sheen, and boom it was ready to go! This ball plays well in heavy oil out of box, but can also tackle those medium patterns once it has some shine on it! Must have!

A World Apart

Columbia 300 – Atlas

The Atlas is definitely a world apart from any recent releases from Columbia 300. The tech gurus at the factory have dialed up a winning combination of a new core to go with the Formula 1 cover additive. If you’re a numbers person, the Atlas has a higher set than the Speed line to perform better on patterns with more volume.

I put a layout of 75 x 2.25 x 40 in mine because I was a little afraid it would be too much ball for my slower than average ball speed. I am quite happy with this decision because it has more or less given me a solid that I can use on a fresh house pattern. It also has been effective on lighter challenge patterns as it is smooth off the spot but has continuation.

Those that are looking for a high performance solid with a new core and the proven Formula 1 cover, the Atlas fits the bill.

Efrem Pisano
16 Frames

4 to 5 games right of the box with pin down small drill hoping to have a non angular look with control of the pin deck. A great look just a bit lazy or slow response time to friction, did not like the the 9 spare most of the first 5 games. Couple weeks later practiced a couple games in between to got some more oil in the pours and on the ball then used some basic cleaner put away in the back of the bag. So games 6/7/8---300 game with 784 series with the same ball all night of the competitive 5 man league play. Finally had a look with great response to friction which allowed me to have full control of the pin deck. I walked into the bowling center with a strategy of using one ball all night to work on my psychical range of play. I did a pretty good job with axis tilt, final roll phase, rev rate and speed. I give this ball a 4 star rating because I feel it needs a pin down only type of drill with the core design to be successful in scoring well. Meaning it has limited use for most of us averaging around 215 or more. Yes, put the ball away when you start to look, or need to look at the score board to verify if your bowling well.

Dave Dayton
Atlas holds the world over

The Atlas gives me the ability to go away from the pocket more than any other ball I’ve ever owned. Whenever I have to move deeper, I struggle to get the 10 pin out. With the Atlas I can move left, open up my angles, and still kick the corners. Exactly as described, “exceptional backend and drive through the pins.” Absolutely love this ball, the most difficult thing is knowing when it’s time to put it away.