The Authority Solid is earlier and stronger and gives you what the original Authority didn’t, which makes these two a great one-two combo. This earlier and stronger ball provides all Columbia 300 fans the heavier oil ball they’ve been wanting.


Performance Pro - Authority
Part Number 60-106334-93X
Black / Purple / Lime
Core Authority
Coverstock ERT 2.0 Solid
Cover Type Solid Reactive
Finish 500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights 16-12 Pounds
Lane Condition Heavy oil
Reaction Strong overall hook
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date September 3, 2020

Core Numbers

16 lb
15 lb
14 lb
13 lb
12 lb
2.513 2.503 2.520 2.597 2.593
DIFF 0.043 0.050 0.050 0.041 0.041
ASY 0.017 0.020 0.020 0.014 0.014



DOT (Durability Optimization Technology)


Info Sheet

Ball Talker

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Authority Solid Bowling Ball
Authority Solid Bowling Ball Core for 16-14 pound balls
Authority Solid Bowling Ball Core for 13-12 pound balls

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jordan Deskins
Sad to see this one go...

I got this ball once it was on close out and is one of the best balls I’ve ever used on my house. Really sucks that it’s retired and no longer made because I would have, honestly, bought another and the pearl version as well.

David Meyer
Authority Solid

The Authority Solid is suitable for heavier volume in the fronts. My Authority Solid reads the mid-lane without hesitation, continues on the back end and threw the pin deck. The Authority Solid is a great first ball out of the bag on the fresh. I was fortunate enough to shoot 300 with mine hot off the press game 1 of league. I drilled mine 50 X 5 X 25. See your local Pro Shop Operator and get your Authority Solid!!!!

Corey Umbrello
Authority Solid

This ball has some teeth! Very strong overall, I find that this ball would suit those who bowl on conditions where the front and mid part of the lanes are oiled well.

Bowler’s ManCave
Perfect Motion

Lower Medium ball Speed
Medium High rev rate
60 Axis Rotation

Pin down 70 X 4 X 70
First thing that struck me about this ball was the way It went through the pins: 1-3 5 and split the 8-9 almost every freakin time it hit
pocket. That may seem like an odd thing to say but in this day and age of more solid 9s than 10 pins this is a huge deal to many tournament players. I have literally not left a stone 9 yet with this rock. UNBELIEVABLE! Splits the 8-9 like a freaking xerox copier. Purists will love this motion through the pins (you hearing me Corey Husted!). Ok now the rest... this is an oil ball for sure. It’s gotta have some head oil but not as much as some of the oil monsters out there. You can get it through the heads and early mids fairly easily in the medium oil environments which is a great thing for me because I rarely see floods and my slower speed makes my rocks read the pattern fairly quickly. I can circle the lane on house shots as much as I want and watch the ball split the 8-9 time after time. I have also found great success with this Authority Solid on flatter patterns where the ball really opened up the lane for me. This rock will go with me everywhere and yeah I have already ordered me another one to try a pin up layout.
Bowl well,

Michael Hinsley
Great addition to go with the authority!!

A smooth rolling ball that is continuous through the mids and back ends to create a great 1-2 punch with the Authority!!! Don’t miss out putting this in your arsenal it’s a must have !!!