Baller, by Columbia 300, brings new technology to the brand from inside and out. The combination of the uniquely designed Big Time core and ERT Hybrid coverstock produces unseen hook potential. Take your game to the next level with the Baller.

Big Time Core - Big Time is a strong, asymmetric core design featuring mass concentrated on one plane. With  typical layouts, this mass creates a stable rotation through the middle part of the lane. As the core undergoes precession, it re-orientates into an unstable rotation through the back end. During this unstable rotation, the core consumes energy at a faster rate, therefore enhancing the ball’s ability to hook down lane.

ERT Hybrid Coverstock - The key to reactive coverstock technology is the footprint created on the lane. With ERT Hybrid, we’ve enhanced this footprint by making the coverstock more elastomeric. Not only does this new coverstock create more hook potential, it also creates a more consistent reaction on the lanes as well.

Columbia 300 recommends Powerhouse Clean N' Dull to keep the Baller performing at its best.


Color Yellow / Red / Black
Reaction Aggressive Overall Hook
Coverstock ERT Hybrid
Factory Finish 500/2000 Abralon
Core Big Time
Core Type  Asymmetric
Weight 12-16lb



Baller Bowling Ball
Baller Bowling Ball Core

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Rusty Hahn
Strong and Smooth

The Baller was something I had been looking to add to my bag for a while. I needed a strong ball that didn't overreact to the dry boards. The Baller was exactly what I was looking for.

Best Ball(er) in years!

Bowled league with this on 12/23 and actually bowled 30 pins over average! Best I've bowled all season! Love it! Hooks just right for me.
As for the free White Dot spare ball -got one on the way. Had to go through some hoops to make it happen but they tell me it's all in transition right now. Keep trying to reach out until they acknowledge you and your purchase. My pro shop owner says he can't get any balls until February from anyone under their umbrella.

Bill Kelly
I like it!

I am a league bowler working hard to get my average up closer to 200. I like the ball a lot and it will hook a lot especially on dry lanes. I can't seem to get it to hook a lot on oil but that could be me.

Just a word about the free White Dot ball. Columbia's parent company Ebonite was purchased by Brunswick in November and they closed their plant in Kentucky. I have been attempting to obtain my free ball without success. No one returns calls or emails. I have been in contact with Brunswick to see if they could help and they provided a name and contact number but no one answers the phone and does not return messages. Very, very poor customer service!!

So if you think it will be easy to obtain this free White Dot just be informed it may be quite a chore. My reason for only 4 stars should be obvious.

Bobby Walters Jr
Can't Ball without a Baller

Plain and simple, Ball is a Baller on the lanes. Super strong in the midlane. Biggest ball in my bag. Allows me to open up the lane when there is super wet dry. And the ball never loses it's hitting power. Compared to the LIT, definitely 3-4 boards stronger. Quit wasting time and get a Baller so you can start Balling today!!!!

George Juszczyk
Biggest ball I have!!

Mine was drilled to go a little bit longer and be a little more on the backend, and it does exactly that. Whenever I need to move in deep and open up my angles, this is the ball I go to with the most confidence. It also allows me to stay very aggressive because I know even if I miss a little outside my mark, this ball will recover and make it back to the pocket!