Columbia 300 is bringing back the Beast line with some great new colors. All Beasts will feature a brand new light bulb shaped weight block, just like the original. This Beast core also comes wrapped with our patent pending Hypershock Technology. 




Reaction Skid/Flip
Coverstock Bend - It
Factory Finish 500/2000 Abralon Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Core Beast
Core Type Symmetric
Weight 10-16lb


Beast Purple Lime Silver Bowling Ball
Beast Purple Lime Silver Bowling Ball Core

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Drew Sacks
The name says it all its a beast!

Even though its priced like a “low end” ball its not even close to it. A very strong response cover on a well know and well loved core creates the ultimate shape not to strong not to weak. Its my favorite ball to camp out on the track and strike for days!

Matt Giuliani
Named Properly

The Beast is exactly what the name says ITS A BEAST for sure! Great ball for the price it definitely gives you a little more bang for you buck. This ball reads the friction very well and gives you the length down lane. Great ball for house shot conditions. This can be the first ball out of the bag and sometimes the only ball out of the bag.


This ball for the price point is a lot of ball. Bowling in a state that sees a lot of down lane friction this ball is great for league. Its super clean and hits extremely hard for a lower end ball.

Tim Tripp
Columbia 300 Beast

Ball: Beast (2019)
Finish: 500/2000 Abralon Polished
PAP: 5", 1/8" Up
Layout: Pin under ring, CG stacked (2" Pin)

The Beast has a lot of pop for a lower-mid performance entry. With a light bulb weight block and using a basic layout the Beast gives me a very smooth and predictable ball motion. What impresses me most about the remake of this ball is how well it goes through the pins and providing more mistake room than I would expect from a LMP bowling ball.

The Beast was designed for lighter oil conditions and reacts well when it sees friction. It is ideal for those lighter conditions, however when I used it on medium volumes the Beast was still playable going straighter down lane while only sacrificing some hitting power.

Tim Tripp

Zack Newman
Shockingly Good

This ball provides so much performance at the entry level price point it is incredible. For the typical house shot, it is very, very clean and very angular down the lane. If you are looking for skid flip at an affordable price point, this is the one. Hypershock technology in an entry level ball makes for an amazing combo. If you need the ball to go to for when the fronts are toast at the end of a tournament, this is the one!