The benchmark reaction is something that bowlers have come to expect from Columbia 300 for decades. Columbia 300 has been the bowler's choice for benchmark bowling balls so often throughout history that we decided to finally call the ball what it really is... the Benchmark!

New Standard Reactive Hybrid
The engineers at Columbia 300 understand that when naming a ball the Benchmark, the performance must live up to its name. New Standard Reactive provides the perfect amount of traction in order to work on most typical house patterns and a great variety of tournament patterns. One of the four colors poured in the Benchmark is a pearl silver color, making it a Hybrid and helps create the right amount of length for this product.

Tri-Rib Core

The Columbia 300 Tri-Rib core is symmetric in shape with a medium RG and medium to high Differential. The Tri-Rib core provides the numbers you look for in a Benchmark ball and will work with the widest variation of styles.

What To Expect
The 4000 Abralon finish applied to the N.S.R. Hybrid shell and Tri-Rib core create a ball that everyone is looking to have in their bag. It's the first ball out at a tournament or league night and will work on a great variety of conditions. It's the Benchmark and it's what all others are measured by.



Color Purple, Silver, Orange, Plum
Reaction Benchmark
Factory Finish 800 Abranet�, 1000, 2000, 4000 Abralon�
Core Tri-Rib
Weight 12# -16#

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
12 2.60 .039
13 2.53 .055
14 2.53 .054
15 2.51 .052
16 2.52 .043
Benchmark Bowling Ball
Benchmark Bowling Ball Core