Big Bully


It's the Big Bully thundering down the lane! Get out of his way. Quick! Make no mistake. Big Bully is Columbia 300's latest and greatest high performer. The best of the best. Rigorous tests have proven it to be the most powerful ball on the market today. The combination of our M80 coverstock and the low RG (2.48) and medium differential (.45) mallet core gives you real BULLY power. And Big Bully is in good hands with Team Columbia member, Wes Malott. His choice of balls? Only one. Big Bully. Look out, PBA! Big Wes and Big Bully are on their way to the top!



Color Black/Red
Coverstock Reactive
Core 2-Piece Asymmetrical
Weight 14-16 lbs

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
16 2.480 .045
Big Bully Bowling Ball
Big Bully Bowling Ball Core

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Conner
Still awesome

I stopped league bowling 12 years ago. At time I was carrying a 219 average. My daughter and friends needed an extra bowler for their Monday night league, so they asked me to bowl with them until they could find someone. So…. I pulled my old balls out the closet 12 years later, one of them being the Big Bully and bought a new 14 pound Reality ball to throw, since at 63 years of age, and after elbow and shoulder surgery, I didn’t think I could throw 16 pounds anymore. Now 11 weeks into the season, the old 16 pound Big Bully, has giving me my best scores all season. Last night I shot 266, 254, & 257 (777). The Bully may be old, but she’s not obsolete… she still has a lot of hitting power in her.
That series pushed my average to 202 for year. It was an awesome ball 12 years ago and it’s an awesome 12 years later.

Drew Spriggs
Still good 10 years later

I STILL use this ball. It doesn't have as much backend reaction as it did when I threw it in 2008. I use it when I need a more angular shot if the lanes dry up, but not all the way. I bowled a couple of 279s with it. As far as maintaining it, you'll need to sand it down within 6-9 games for it to work.