Blue Pulse Remake


It's back...The Pulse, from Columbia 300. How have you survived so long without one? Well, its time to take your game off life support and bring it to a higher level. This Crimson Red classic incorporates the hottest coverstock of the decade, SUPER-FLEX Resin, with the original pressurized polymer core, including the Ceramicore satellite center. The core creates 2-3 inches of track flare, due to its .026 differential Rg. As you remember, the Pulse delivers a smooth, controllable ball reaction. The result is a consistent, predictable ball motion on most common lane conditions. So get a Pulse! You can't live without one!



Color Blue
Coverstock Reactive Pearl
Factory Finish Polished
Core 2-Piece
Weight 14-16 lbs
Blue Pulse Remake Bowling Ball
Blue Pulse Remake Bowling Ball Core
Blue Pulse Remake Bowling Ball Core with call outs