We're Redefining Chaos!

At Columbia 300, we like to live on the wild side. Typically we like to wow our customers with flashy colors and performance that matches. When we create a ball like the Chaos Black that makes a head-turning change direction at the breakpoint, toning down the color scheme is a must to keep some sense of order.

Chaos Core

The Chaos core is a very low RG symmetric core with a very high differential. This allows the Chaos Black to rev up easier, enhancing the coverstock's ability to create friction with the lane.

Exciter Solid Coverstock

Exciter is the same coverstock we put on our High-Performance Savage line. The inherent nature of this coverstock is to be very aggressive in the midlane. The factory polished finish takes what is normally an aggressive midlane reaction and turns it into a very responsive motion at the breakpoint. 

HyperSHOCK Technology

HyperSHOCK Technology (patent pending) helps power the ball through the pins by controlling the influence they have on the ball's path through the deck. Columbia 300 balls with HyperSHOCK not only get you to the pocket but drive through like no other on the planet.


Color Jet Black
Reaction Skid/Flip
Coverstock Exciter Solid
Factory Finish 500/1000 Abralon Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Core Chaos
Core Type Symmetric
Weight 12-16lb 


Chaos Black Bowling Ball
Chaos Black Remake Bowling Ball Core

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Nate Loy
My absolute favorite so far

The Chaos Black is the best ball I've bought so far. Reactive, forceful, and precise. With the right throw, the Chaos Black makes a noticable curve towards the end of the lane. It may not be as aggressive as I like, but it's earned my praise by helping me get my best throws so far. Performance is amazing, and the simple, solid black appearance is elegant, polished, and even intimidating. I love it!

George Everett
It's a great ball it makes the pins fade to black

After struggling last year with my game is decided to make changes bought a chaos black try it out Friday that ball rolling so good no mercy to my league bowlers even my teammates better get ready to fade to black.

Chris Javier

this ball is very versatile with the solid/polished cover stock. very smooth all the way through and hits the pins with a lot of energy. great bench mark ball

Jeff Snuffer
Unlike anything else!!

The Black Chaos is very clean through the fronts and very angular in the back end. I was pleasantly surprised how much motion this ball creates. I will say I found a better reaction for me when I changed the surface to 3000. Just a little more predictable for a speed dominant player. No the less nothing like any other ball I have .

Brenda Burns
This Ball Will Definitely Create Chaos

The Chaos Black is the most versatile ball for a symmetric weight block! It allows you to open up your angles when the front part of the lane dries up and you can go straighter with it on the fresh. It goes through the pins, splitting the 8-9. Its a must have for every bowler, at any level, ball speed or rev rate.