Columbia 300 carries on its legacy of producing the highest performing balls on the market. The new Encounter is another example of the quest started decades ago to give bowlers the best.

The chemical engineers at Columbia 300 have created a new process in which chemical reaction dynamics have been manipulated to exploit the elastic framework found in reactive materials. This breakthrough creates longer polymer chains that create deeper pores and allows for greater built in surface friction that helps absorb oil over a longer period of time. We call this new breakthrough Elastin 6.0.

The new asymmetric Encounter core is a dynamic new shape for Columbia 300 with a low RG that centers the mass properties, creating strong mid-lane ball motion. The medium differential along with a high mass bias rating help the Encounter change direction and keep going.

The clean and angular Elastin 6.0 cover with a smooth polished finish along with the Encounter core gives you easy length through the front part of the lane and stores up energy for a strong and predictable move down lane.



Color Navy / Purple / Ocean
Reaction Strong Arc
Coverstock Elastin 6.0 Pearl
Core Encounter
Weight 12 - 16lbs

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
14 2.52 .050
15 2.50 .052
16 2.51 .047
Encounter Bowling Ball
Encounter Bowling Ball Core