Columbia 300 is bringing back the Messenger line with some great new colors. All Messenger balls will feature a brand new weight block wrapped with our patent pending Hypershock Technology. 


Color Red/Black
Reaction Skid/Flip
Coverstock Super Flex
Factory Finish 500/2000 Abralon Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Core Messenger
Core Type Symmetric
Weight 8-16lb
Messenger Red/Black Bowling Ball
Messenger Red/Black Bowling Ball Core

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Royce Bradley
Just What the Doctor Ordered

I bought this ball just before Covid took off, and I stopped bowling for 2 years. The few games I did throw before taking a break I loved the ball. In fact I purchased 2 more in fear of it being discontinued. Now I'm back on the lanes and this ball is a great fit for my game (higher rev, medium speed). I can rarely throw any of the powerful balls. This Messenger, makes the turn and carries a lot of power through the pins. This is the first ball out off my bag on our house shot and I play pretty deep and move deeper as the night goes on, this ball seems to have no limit.

Josh Basso
Dry lane weapon

If your looking for a predictable ball on drier conditions look no further. This ball gets down the lane clean and saves all its energy for the pins. I have thrown 6 games with it for a 251 average score. When your high end equipment is over hooking this is the answer.

Mark Hunt
Messenger Sends Pins Flying

This ball will mix and send them bowling pins flying. This entry resin ball will allow you to play just about anywhere you want.

Don DuPree
Great ball for the price.

Great entry level bowling ball. Forces you right on the fresh with great backends. The price you can't beat it. Every person I have drilled the ball for loved it.

Christopher Doerr
Awesome for any lane condition

This ball allowed me to move right on our fresh THS, when the pattern breaks down and even in some sport patterns. My layout(70° x 4.5 x 20°) gets down the lane very clean, smooth transition and still has enough power for the pins!