N'S@NE Antics


N’Sane performance and N’Sane fun!  The N’Sane fits perfectly between the huge hooking Antics and the long and flippy Crazy Antics.  The N’Sane is the all around insanely good ball that you turn to on a wide range of conditions. 

The Hi-Dynamix II uses the same core shape as the Antics and Crazy Antics, but the densities have been modified to lower the differential.  Lowering the differential helps the N’Sane store energy longer for more devastating backend.

Awesome Reaction 300 Solid is a perfect match for the new Hi-Dynamix II core, the cover is clean and creates an N’Sane motion in the mid-lane and unreal continuation. 



Color White / Crimson / Azure
Reaction Strong Backend
Coverstock AR300 Solid
Factory Finish 500/1000/2000/4000 Abralon� with Clean N� Sheen
Core Hi-Dynamix II
Weight 12-16 lbs.

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
12 2.60 .039
13 2.53 .055
14 2.51 .042 .017
15 2.50 .042 .016
16 2.51 .039 .014

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