Pure Madness


Pure Madness is achieved by giving bowlers effortless hook even on demanding oily conditions. The new Columbia 300 Pure Madness is a crazy spin-on-ball performance for oily lanes or for bowlers who need more hook. The bright three-color ball looks like Pure Madness as it tractions through the oil and makes its big continuous move on the backend. The insane power of the ball is from the innovative HK22 and ERT Solid additives, dull 2000 grit Siaair finish, and the Craze core. Leave the boring ball motion behind and become a striking success with the Columbia 300 Pure Madness.


Performance High - Madness
Part Number 60-108093-93X
Black / Red / Yellow
Core Craze
Coverstock HK22 - ERT Solid
Cover Type Solid Reactive
Finish 500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights 16-12 Pounds
Lane Condition Heavy oil
Reaction Strong mid-lane and backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date February 22, 2024

Core Numbers

16 lb
15 lb
14 lb
13 lb
12 lb
DIFF 0.041
ASY 0.011 0.012 0.012 0.014 0.014





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Pure Madness Bowling Ball
Pure Madness
Pure Madness

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Matthew Staninger
A Great Piece!

I love having the Pure Madness in my bag. Typically, big balls with brighter colors just don't seem to do well in my hands. Not this one! It is a slight step down from your biggest oil lovers, so it goes a little further down lane and is a little more continuous than balls like the Archetype or Black Widow 3.0. However, it is still very good for heavier oil conditions and provides more change of angle. It is the perfect compliment to medium patterns with urethane carry down as well as cliffed house shots!

Briana Evans
In Love !

One thing I love about this pure madness is how smooth it is. I found this ball to be a great step up to the Atlas. It digs through oil, but doesn’t overbook and/or do anything violent.

Darnell Bell
Pure Greatness

Pure Madness is smooth is butter. For the amount of surface it comes with 2K she floats through heads. The Pure Madness is so versatile with the surface you can use on heavy oil and with a little compound or shine you will get more bang on the backend. So you can use this ball on Heavy or Medium and have complete control.

David Meyer

Super impressed with the C300 Pure Madness. So impressed that I purchased a second one. The first one was drilled 60 x 5 x 30 (pin up) and the second was drilled 40 x 4 1/2 x 70 (pin down). Both balls rolled absolutely phenomenal. The pin down reads it a little sooner and slows down although still devastating through the pins. The pin up one reads the mid-lane and rolls heavy and predictable off the friction. These two balls have seen quite a bit of lane time over the last month. The Pure Madness will not disappoint so see your local Pro Shop Operator ASAP and get yours!!!

James G
Pure Madness = Pure Joy

I drilled the Columbia 300 Pure Madness 50 x 4.25” x 25 to be that big solid asym that can rip off the spot when the condition calls for it, and it fits perfectly there. The Pure Madness uses the Craze core combined with the HK22 - ERT Solid cover to produce the strongest ball in the Columbia lineup. I can move inside on patterns like Hardwick 44’ with ease, cut off my angles, and the Pure Madness keeps striking. On medium length, heavier patterns, like Alcatraz 38’, I can get the ball to roll forward quicker, stop at the pocket, and still carry corner pins like I am peeling it off the edge. The only patterns I do not recommend this ball on are super short, or light volume medium patterns, which is why Columbia 300 has other great options like the Piranha PowerCOR or Cuda PowerCOR Pearl. Lastly, if you bowl on house shots, you will love this ball because you can move as deep as you want, and the Pure Madness keeps hooking and striking! Get your hands on one now from Bowler Builders Pro Shop or pro shops everywhere!