Reaction Rip


If you really want to let'er rip, you need the new Reaction Rip. The latest in the Reaction line of high-performance bowling balls from Columbia 300, the Reaction Rip produces more length through the front part of the lane and rips it up on the backend. Featuring a striking Emerald Pearl cover, the Rip's core is surrounded by an enhanced version of our pearlized Super-Flex coverstock, which creates more friction between the ball and dry lane surface for a sharp turn on the backend. In short, the Reaction Rip lets you tear up the lane while the competition tears up their scorecards.



Color Green
Coverstock Reactive
Factory Finish Polished
Core 2-Piece
Weight 12-16 lbs

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
16 2.514 .058
Reaction RIP Bowling Ball
Reaction Rip Bowling Ball Core