Severe Delirium


As part of our Yellow Line Collection of all purpose performance balls, the Severe Delirium is designed with an aggressive finish to promote strong traction throughout the entire lane. This creates the perfect complement to the Delirium’s skid flip motion.



Color Black/Teal/Silver
Reaction Strong Mid-Lane and Backend
Coverstock Bend-It Hybrid
Factory Finish 500 / 2000 Abralon�
Core Resurgence
Weight 12-16 Lbs.

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
13 2.53 .055
14 2.50 .038
15 2.46 .043
16 2.47 .040
Severe Delirium Bowling Ball
Severe Delirium Bowling Ball Core
Severe Delirium Bowling Ball motion indicator