SPOILER ALERT...this ball strikes a lot! If you are looking for a polished ball that gets through the front with ease and changes direction hard on the backend on medium oil conditions, look no further than the new Columbia 300 Spoiler Alert.

Columbia 300 recommends Powerhouse Energizer Ball Cleaner to keep your ball performing at its best.



Color Orange/Red/White
Reaction Length with Strong Backend
Coverstock Reflex Pearl
Factory Finish 500/1000 Abralon Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Core Spoiler
Core Type Symmetrical
Weight 12-16lb


Spoiler Alert Bowling Ball
Spoiler Alert Bowling Ball Core

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jeff Clark
This ball will Spoil you!

This ball is super clean through the fronts and will make that big move you sometimes need down lane. This is a good ball later in the block or as you start to see more Dry boards during league. Trust the ball, move left and use this ball for what it was intended for. You won't go wrong having this ball in your arsenal.

Don Carle
Love it!

This ball for me on drier conditions plays very well going down and in and swinging a little. Gives me that extra foot or so to ther pocket! A must in your arsenal!

Christopher Doerr
Skid and Flip

The title says it all if that's the reaction you are looking for in a ball. My layout(50° x 5" x 25°) gives me this reaction and great for when the fronts break down.

Alexandra McIntyre
Spoiler Alert this ball is good

This ball is very clean through the fronts and it responds to the dry really quick. I like this ball for when the lanes burn up and I need something to really get through the front part of the lanes super clean and still have some teeth on the back end. I also like that as a lower rev player I am able to get left and bounce this off the dry with enough recovery.

Mark Hunt
Caution: Spoiler Alert

This ball is a great compliment to the original Spoiler, if you want a ball that will pick up the mid part of the lane and goes thur the pins like a raging fire.