Sport Ball


Introducing the new Sport Ball for the new Sport League. If you're competing on the new Sport Condition, you need the new Sport Ball. Designed specifically for the Sport Condition, the Sport Ball performs better where more oil has been applied on the outside boards reducing your entry angle. With the Sport Ball, you can easily clear the front part of the lane while producing a smooth, arcing backend reaction. Additionally, the coverstock is a modified version of our proven TEC particle shell which allows you to play further outside the lane, thereby increasing your entry angle. In short, you increase your control, performance, and power. With the new Sport Ball, you can bring your "A" game to the Sport Condition.



Color Maroon
Coverstock Particle
Factory Finish Matte
Core 2-Piece
Weight 12-16 lbs
Sport Ball Bowling Ball
Sport Ball Bowling Ball Core

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