Take Down


Bring-It Pearl

We've laid the Smack Down on the competition and now we're ready to take them down! Bring-It Pearl will give you great length and recovery without sacrificing overall hook. While we left some surface on the pearl cover to give you added hook and performance, you can polish your Take Down to give you even better length when encountering less volume.

SD Medium RG Core

The Smack Down core has a medium RG and high differential. This core puts the tools in your hand to Take Down any condition that gets in your way. The medium RG helps the Take Down get further down the lane before the high differential kicks in for some awesome continuation.

What To Expect

Take Down most any lane condition and your competition with our newest addition to an already popular line! The Take Down will be an awesome all around ball for anyone!



Color Hot Pink / Royal / Black
Reaction Strong Mid-Lane Continuation
Coverstock Bring-It Pearl
Factory Finish 500, 3000 Abralon ��
Core SD Medium RG Core
Weight 12-16
Lane Condition Medium Oil

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
12 2.60 .039
13 2.53 .055
14 2.51 .053 .005
15 2.51 .053 .004
16 2.52 .046 .004
Take Down Bowling Ball
Take Down Bowling Ball Core

Customer Reviews

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Clarence Canty
Old Dependable

Ok, I got my Take Down 4 years ago used when I started bowling. It's actually probably about 6 years old. The most important thing about this ball is it's dependable reaction! While I now have 16 balls, this ball always goes with me.
At my first tournament on sport shots, my coach, and friend helped my select my 6 allowed balls - he didn't include the Take Down, but I insisted. After struggling the first 2 games, I pulled out my baby and bowled well enough to make the cut.
On both the long and short patterns, I allowed me to be a stroker or a tweener and keep above 200.