The Classic U2


Classic Urethane
Bowlers have been asking for it and we now have it, a great urethane option! Columbia 300 dominated the high-performance market when urethane was king and now we’re back at it.

Resurgence Core
Columbia 300 produced a urethane ball in the 1980’s called the U2, this signified that the ball used a 2 piece core. While the 2 piece core is considered the norm in performance balls these days, we decided to bring the name back while also throwing in one of Columbia 300’s most successful cores for added performance, the Resurgence Core.

What To Expect
The Classic U2 is exactly what you would expect out of a urethane ball, it is smooth and controllable and devastates the pins in the right environment. The Classic U2 is an excellent choice for higher rev rates, slower ball speeds, and tough and dry conditions.



Color Slate
Reaction Smooth Control
Coverstock Urethane
Factory Finish 2000 Abralon�
Core Resurgance
Weight 12-16 Pounds

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
14 2.50 .038
15 2.46 .043
16 2.47 .040
The Classic U2 Bowling Ball
The Classic U2 Bowling Ball Core