Here they come...the raciest balls on the track. With two brand new coverstocks intact. The Throttle series roars down the lane. The Throttle thirsts for heavy oil, with its MuscleGT coverstock and startling new Cam Shaft core. Throttle-R is ever the aggressor, turning common lane conditions into spitfire raceways. Its new pearlized Accelerator reactive coverstock is also paired up with our new Cam Shaft core, a core so different competition will screech to a halt. You've got the drive. Now, accelerate your game. Full throttle.



Color Crimson/Purple/Bronze
Coverstock Particle
Factory Finish Matte
Core 2-Piece
Weight 12-16 lbs

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
16 2.519 .057
Throttle Bowling Ball
Throttle Bowling Ball Core