Total Bedlam


A new coverstock, a new finish, and a new core make the Total Bedlam the Bedlam’s perfect complement. The asymmetrical Bedlam Version 2.0 core will drive this ball to hook earlier, while the Full Tilt 6.0 coverstock that has been sanded with 500 and then 4000 grit Abralon® gives it enough traction to stay on the oiliest lanes for a dramatic move into the pocket.



Color Purple Pearl/Orange/Blue Pearl
Reaction Hook Monster
Coverstock FULL TILT 6.0
Factory Finish 500, 500, 500, 4000 Abralon�
Core Bedlam V.2.0
Weight 12-16 lbs.

RG / Diff / MB

Weight RG Diff MB
14 2.49 .054
15 2.53 .055
16 2.54 .052
Total Bedlam Bowling Ball
Total Bedlam Bowling Ball Core
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