The Flipside brand of bowling balls reigns fire and brimstone on the competition. The flipside of Columbia 300 ...for those who know they are a little badder, a little better, a little different. Flipside, Columbia's alter ego, introduces two able performers with looks that let everyone know your bad intentions. The Wild is a three-piece ball with a Scout Reactive core. It's available in Red/Purple/Gold Pearl. The Wicked is a two-piece ball available in Oyster/Blue swirl. So if you're ready to raise a little you-know-what, pick up a ball that will raise eyebrows wherever it goes. The Flipside Wild and Wicked. Being bad never felt so good.



Color Red/Purple/Gold Pearl
Coverstock Reactive Pearl
Factory Finish Polished
Core 3-Piece Asymmetrical
Weight 10-16 lbs
Wild bowling ball
Wild bowling ball core
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