Plug into the first high-performance ball from FlipSide. We've combined our lowest Rg core ever (2.46) and the benefits of Titanium Technology, with a spin-off of our Popular UFO Particle coverstock, found in the WOW!. Introducing UFD (Ultimate Friction in Dry)...a combination of the best coverstock on the market today - Super Flex coupled with a super fine, tackified additive for unparalleled friction on the backend. Match this up with our fastest revving core to create a unique combination for the most competitive lane conditions. Welcome to the High Side of FlipSide. Electrifying!



Color Blue/Emerald/Gold Pearl
Coverstock Reactive Pearl
Factory Finish Polished
Core 2-Piece
Weight 12-16 lbs
Wired bowling ball
Wired bowling ball core
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