In a word...WOW! Enough said when you experience the performance of the newest and strongest addition to the Flipside family. You'll find the WOW! Will take quite a liking to heavy oil, and has plenty left for an aggressive Flipside reaction on the backend. It all starts with the new UFO particle, which products Ultimate Friction in Oil - particle technology that's truly out of this world. Combine this with a medium Rg core that creates 4-5" of track flare, and you can leave your spare ball in the bag. The WOW! It'll make your hair stand up and pins fall down. CAUTION! May hook too much 'out of the box' ...polish when needed.



Color Plum
Coverstock Particle
Factory Finish Matte
Core 2-Piece
Weight 12-16 lbs
Wow bowling ball
Wow bowling ball core

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